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Coles County Dragway USA
2023 NHRA D3 Team Spirit Winner

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Friday: Gates open at 5pm
Racing starts at 6pm (All season)

Saturday: Gates open at noon
Racing at 2pm (All season)

Sunday: Gates open at 9am
Racing at 11am (All season)

Track Rules


It is the responsibility of participants, not NHRA or any Coles County Dragway USA track representative to ensure that all safety equipment is approved and is correctly installed, worn, maintained and used.

Printable Rules

  1. All NHRA rules apply and are the minimum for competition and safety standards. We will follow those rules and the following additional rules in an effort to provide a safe, fair, and fun racing program.
  2. A responsible, professional, and sportsmanlike behavior is expected of all racers and crew members. Crew members are the responsibility of the racer. Abusive or aggressive behavior towards any track official or employee will not be tolerated and can result in, but is not limited to, disqualification.
  3. All cars must go through a technical inspection before any passes are made. Inspection must be done by an SFI certified employee/representative of Coles County Dragway USA or must present a NHRA Extended Technical Inspection (ETI) card. No exceptions.
  4. Staging Lanes
    1. All racers are asked to promptly heed the class call.
    2. Time runs: When the last pair is on the apron, the lanes are then closed for that session. One time run per class session is the maximum, unless designated by a track official. If a driver misses his or her class session, it is at the staging lane director’s discretion if the driver is allowed to make it up.
    3. Eliminations: The first class call will be no earlier than 5 minutes from when the last car in that class has run. Five minutes later will be the second and final class call.
  5. Buybacks
    1. A racer in Super Pro (S/P), Box, (BOX), Pro (PRO), No-Box (NBX), Sportsman (SPT), Novice Street (NS), Bike, High School (HS) or Powder Puff (PP) who loses in the first and/or second round are eligible for buyback(s).
    2. Buyback racers will be rolled in with winners.
    3. In the event of time constraints, track officials may reduce buybacks to first round only or first or second round buybacks.
  6. Rain Policy
    1. A race is considered final if round 1 of all regular classes (S/P, Pro & SPT, Box, No-Box, and Index) classes is completed.
    2. If a race is cancelled, but at least one time run is done for any category, the race entry fee will be rolled over or refunded (racer's choice), but racers' fees will not.
    3. Any prorating of purses/payouts due to cancellations will not include gold cards or pass backs.
    4. Any class that goes past the 1st round and is completed will have its purse and points calculated from the time of cancellation. For example, if Pro class finishes the 2nd round and the race gets canceled in the middle of Super Pro's 2nd round, Pro will pay the 2nd-round winners and all Pro racers will receive 2nd round points; Super Pro will pay the 1st round winners, all Super Pro racers will receive 1st-round points, and 2nd round Buybacks will receive a buyback refund.
    5. Rain dates (for all classes), if possible, will be made up on the next available racing date.
  7. Absolutely no glass containers are to be on the grounds at any time.
  8. The 10-mph speed limit should be observed by all vehicles while on the grounds.
  9. All ATVs, golf carts, or other pit vehicles must be driven by someone 16 years or older at all times. No exceptions. Also, vehicle operators must drive courteously.
  10. Break Passes
    1. No break pass will be issued once a racer has been paired in staging.
    2. Racers who break are allowed to enter another car or a different class on original entry as long as they haven’t been paired and eliminations haven’t started.
    3. Anyone receiving a break pass will not receive points for that day’s competition.
  11. Lane Choice
    1. Cars in odd lanes will be in the Tower Lane and cars in even lanes will be in the Spectator Lane.
    2. When cars are lined in one lane, the front car has lane choice unless the car is carrying the bye run, in which case the bye car has lane choice to include the final round.
  12. Bye Runs
    1. Bye runs for the 1st round are determined by best reaction time results during the 2nd time run session, except for laddered classes which have their own rules.
    2. After the 1st round, bye runs will be determined by the best reaction time during a winning run in the previous round. In the event of a tie, the tied racers will flip a coin.
    3. A bye run is rolled over or carried until it is either used or the racer loses it.
    4. Only one bye run is permitted unless all remaining competitors have had one as well.
    5. A racer is not allowed to turn down an earned bye run in order to earn it later in the race.
  13. Deep staging is allowed, but not guaranteed. It is the driver’s responsibility to let their opponent know they are deep staging, to stage in a timely manner, and the driver must have "Deep" written on the window for the Starter to see.
  14. Courtesy Staging
    1. Courtesy staging is mandatory at Coles County Dragway USA.
    2. If a racer has not pre-staged and his/her opponent has staged, the racer can wait for the other car to be pulled back by the Starter.
    3. However, once a racer pre-stages, he or she must stage, or the auto-start will time the racer out.
  15. Dial-In
    1. A Dial-In must be visible from the tower on the windshield and on the driver side window.
    2. This must be completed before the racer reaches the apron and passes the blue line.
    3. The Dial-In can’t be changed once a racer enters the apron, unless a clean-up or weather delay occurs at which time the racer's opponent and a Track Official must be notified.
    4. The Dial-In recorded on the Dial-In Boards is solely the responsibility of the racers. Once a racer passed them and pre-staged, he or she has accepted the Dial-In recorded.
    5. No re-runs will be permitted for Dial-In disputes. Racers are responsible to ensure it is correct before pre-staging.
  16. Excessive braking will not be tolerated. No exceptions. (This is your only warning!)
    1. CCD interprets this rule as anytime the Head Starter feels a racer is not in control of their race vehicle anywhere on the racing surface.
    2. Anyone caught in violation will be disqualified and lose all points for that day. If the race is in the 1st or 2nd round and buyback are allowed, the racer may buyback, but not earn points.
    3. Anyone caught in violation a second time will be disqualified and lose all season points.
    4. Anyone caught in violation a third time will be disqualified, lose all season points, and be barred from any future competition for any events/classes for at least 1 year.
  17. Center Line and Foam Blocks
    1. A driver who crosses his or her side of the center line or who hits any foam block will be automatically disqualified.
  18. Bikes may compete in any other class as long as they meet all class rules.
  19. Q8/Q16 (6.50 or Faster)
    1. Racers will be allowed to run in Super Pro if a run card is purchased prior to the first round but will not be required to run in any rounds in Super Pro while still in Q8/Q16 competition. Bye runs are determined by qualifying with the first-place driver getting 1st round bye.
    2. If a Q8/Q16 racer has previously purchased a Super Pro run card prior to the first round and loses in Q8/Q16, they will fall into Super Pro as follows:
      1. The Q8/Q16 1st-round loser goes into the 1st round of Super Pro.
      2. The Q8/Q16 2nd-round loser goes into 2nd round of Super Pro.
      3. The Q8/Q16 runner-up goes into 3rd round of Super Pro.
      4. The Q8/Q16 winner goes into 4th round of Super Pro.
  20. Pit stalls are available for rent.
    1. The previous year's owners have first right for refusal and rent must be paid by the deadline.
      1. The 1st stall is $125, and each additional pit stall thereafter is $175.
      2. A pit stall will be considered unreserved and available if not paid by the deadline.
    2. Any unreserved pit stall is available to anyone for $125 for the 1st stall and $175 for each additional pit stall thereafter if paid by the deadline.
    3. Pit stalls purchased after the deadline will be $200 each for the year.
  21. Camping is allowed anytime for no additional charge, but campers will be charged the entry fees (if any) for any events which occur during their stay.
    1. To respect fellow campers and participants, all generators, air compressors etc. that are powered by an internal combustion engine running between 11pm and 7am must meet NHRA standards on noise reduction.
  22. Taillights
    1. Every race vehicle or bike must have a working taillight. If our lights are on, your lights must be on.
  23. Long-Haul Program
    1. Racers who tow or travel 140 miles or more (from their residence) will receive credit for 1 free buyback the day of the race.
    2. This program is valid only during regular ET Points races and excludes special events.
    3. It is the participant’s responsibility to provide proof of residence by both:
      • Presenting a valid State Driver's License (DL).
      • Presenting printed MapQuest (or equivalent navigation platform) directions from the address listed on State (DL) to Coles County Dragway.
    4. All decisions made by track personal regarding qualification of this program are final.
  24. Racer's Fee (all classes except Novice Street, Youth Racing, and Jr Dragsters)
    1. $5 per racer per day (not per class) is due at the tech booth when paying for class entry.
    2. If a category time run is completed, no refunds for gate fee(s) will be given.
    3. If no time runs are completed, racers will be issued a refund, or a rain check good for the next day of racing.
  25. Points. Racers receive:
    1. 1 point for each round and taking a light (green or red).
    2. 1 point for each round win.
    3. 1 point for each category win and combo winner.
    4. 1 point may be bought for any races missed but must be done before the 1st round of the next race. Gold card holders must submit in writing before the 1st time run of the next race.
    5. Any disputes about points must be brought to the track officials' attention within 6 days of the race date, otherwise the points posted are considered final.
    6. The winner of any ties in final points will be determined by a run-off on the final day's point race.
  26. Double Entry for ET Brackets
    1. Racers may buy up to two run cards. Each entry must have a different number and designate which entry will be earning points.
    2. A car/bike/dragster/altered/roadster may be double entered by two different drivers with two different numbers.
    3. Whether double-entered by one driver or two it is the driver’s responsibility to be one of the first in staging to allow the second entry time to get back to staging.
    4. No entry(s) will hold up racing by waiting for another entry to get back to staging. The other entry will not receive special consideration regarding cooling, fueling or checking tire pressure. He or she must return immediately to the staging lanes and run that round of racing.
    5. If the same driver is using two different cars it is his/her responsibility to have both cars in staging at all times. The second car/bike/dragster/altered/roadster must be pulled into the emergency access road (next to lane zero, in the gravel) if no one can move his or her car forward in staging.
    6. No cars will be allowed to be unattended while in staging.
    7. Any double-entered cars/bikes/dragsters/altered/roadsters shall not be allowed to return to its pits during its class time/elimination runs. Anyone holding up racing could be disqualified at the CCD official’s discretion.
  27. Wild Card (Any Class)
    1. An optional wild card may be used when time permits as determined by management.
    2. Wild cards are optional for any 3rd-round loser and will be $20 per person per class.
    3. One person will be drawn per class as the wild card and will enter into 4th round.
    4. 50% of the money collected per class we be put onto the person drawn for the wild card as a bounty. Anyone taking that person out will receive the bounty. Any wild card winning the race will receive their bounty.
  28. Dial for Dollars (Optional)
    1. May be used when time permits as determined by management. The person closest to their Dial-In without going under will receive 50% of the money collected.
    2. Ties will be broken by the better reaction time. In the event both racers have the same reaction time down to the ten-thousandth of a second (e.g. 0.5002 vs 0.5002), it will be recorded as a tie and both racers will split the pot.
    3. A driver earning a "red lights" penalty will be automatically ineligible for “Dial for Dollars.”
  29. Last Survivor ($30 Entry) 90% Purse & 10% Track
    1. This reward is available to anyone in Super Pro, Pro, or Sportsman; racers can be entered for each class in which they race.
    2. Once a racer loses a round, he or she is out. (No buybacks.)
    3. This competition ends when finals of any class are run, if both drivers are entered and clean.
    4. The reward is a "winner-takes-all” format; if multiple persons entered go out in the same round, all will split the payout evenly.
  30. Pass Back (PB) & Gold Cards (GC) or any Free Entries
    1. PB, GC or Free entries have no cash value and will not be refunded.
    2. PB, GC or Free entries listed in any payouts will not be used when prorating any purses/payouts due to cancellations.
    3. PB, GC or Free entries may only be used by the person they were issued to in the category listed.  No trading, selling or transfers for any reason will be allowed.