2021 - Special Events - Double Nickel High Rollers $5K's

Double Nickel High Roller $5K's Weekend
High Roller - $5000 to Win
Mini Roller - $800 to Win
May 29-30 & Aug 28-29, 2021

Pre-Pay Click Here

Advantages to Pre-Paying

1) allows to print a submission receipt and shown at the front gate speeding up the process. 
2) Separate Line at the Tech Booth to Sign-In & get wrist-bands
3) Self Tech - pre-print Tech Card & fill out before you come to reduce wait time & line


Click Here for Printable Flyer

High Roller
On-Site Entry Fee $100
Weekend Prepay - Single ($185) & Double ($360)
Weekend PRE-PAY must be made 1 week before race to receive discount

Pre-Pay Click Here

Buy Backs $50 (1st or 2nd Rd)
(Over 100 entries 1st Rd only)

Guaranteed Payout
Win $5000

R/Up $1000

Semi's $400
(minimum 60 entries)

Qtrs $200 (w/76 or more entries)
1/8's $100 (w/89 or more entries)
1/16's $50
(w/105 or more entries)

Mini Roller
Entry Fee $40
Buy Backs $20 (1st and 2nd Rd)

Single Entries Only

Guaranteed Payout

Win $800
($1000 w/56 or more entries)

R/Up $200
($400 w/66 or more entries)

Semi's $75 (w/31 or more entries)
$150 w/66 or more entries

Qtrs $50 (w/76 or more entries)

High Roller Rules:

Double Entries allowed (Double Box or Double No-Box or Single Box & Single No-Box)

Only 1 time Run Per Entry (Doubles don't get 2 Time Runs per Session)
Double Entries called up 1st during Eliminations
No entry/s will hold up racing waiting for second entry to get back to staging
2nd entry will not receive special consideration in regards to: cooling, fueling, tire pressure…
1st rd Bye Run will be random draw
After 1st rd Bye Run = Best Reaction (Ties Flip a coin)
Bye Car always has Lane Choice no matter what round
If a racer wants “Cross-Talk” off put a circled “N” near car number
Lane Choice is 1st come basis (when all racers remain in 1 lane the lead car will receive lane choice)
Box & No-Box will be separate until one class has 2 or less entries & then combined
Buy Backs 1st or 2nd round (unless 101 entries or more = 1st Rd only)

Saturday 1 Time run per driver per car (2 drivers & 1 Car = each will get one)

Sunday 1 time run for new entries only

When laddered
Random ladder at 8 Entries or less
If odd numbered entries remain; Bye car from previous round will receive the bye
If two racers are caring the bye; they will flip a coin for the bye
NO guarantee you may not have to run yourself

Mini Roller Rules

Same as High Roller except NO Double Entries

***Blind Squirrel Gamblers***
(29 May & 28 Aug)
Saturday only

$500 Win & $100 R/Up

$50 Entry & NO BUY BACKS

Pre-Entry & Limited to 1st 16 Entries
Pre-Pay Click Here

If still available can purchase on-site

*  1st Rd at Noon (Before official Time Runs Start)
*  No Time Runs (Straight off the Trailer — Blind Dial-In)

* Blind Draw Pairings & Lane Assignment
* No Time Slips given or announced 

Time Slips will be available after this Race is complete)

* Win Light Comes On = Win, come back up and on to the next round
* Drive must stay in Hot Rod or on Bike
* Unlimited Crew to help in Staging Lanes
* Generators, Battery Chargers & Fuel ARE allowed in Staging Lanes
* Can be towed back

*Rapid Fire Racing*

(If you need cooling, fueling, check tire pressure then this isn’t for you)


Bill Bosler - '96 Chevy  S-10

Rick Shofner - '67 Pontiac Firebird

Kassie Edwards - '99 Chevy Camaro 

Adam Hughes - '85 Olds Cutlass

Bill Trail - '97 Buick Riviera

Ron Hill - '76 Dodge Dart

Rick Wells - '15 Chevy Camaro

Bill Lyons - '69 Chevy Nova

Brian Lauterbach - '76 Chevy Vega

Ellis Buth - '90 Ford Mustang

Chris Walker - '67 Chevy Camaro

Travis Buth - '85 Ford Mustang

Jim Chittick - '76 Dodge Demon

Geramie "Mango" Edwards - '96 RED

Brad Talbert - '85 Olds Cutlass

Justin Evans - '87 Chevy Camaro

JT Muffler Q16
(30 May & 29 Aug)
Sunday's only

8 Fastest Door Cars & 8 Fastest Dragsters, Altereds or Bikes
(Must Dial 5.99 or Faster)

$2K Win & $500 R/Up

$120 Entry & NO BUY BACKS

* 2 Official Qualifying Passes on Saturday

* Entries not running on Saturday will get one attempt to qualify on Sunday

* Pro Ladder based on qualifying

* Must make at least one qualifying pass
* Faster qualified entry has lane choice
* Dial-In must be within a tenth of fastest qualifying time
* .500 full tree

* No Buy Backs

* Any paid entry not qualified will be put into High Roller

Regular NHRA & CCD Rules apply for Speed & ET

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Track Phone: 217-345-7777 - Rods Phone: 217-512-0673
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