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2019 NHRA Division 3 Sportsman Champion
Travis Buth

Hall of Fame

This page is a work in Progress... Please check back regularly for to see updates

The following Racers, Crew Chiefs and/or Fans are forever remembered on the Coles County Dragway USA website to honor their noteworthy achievements, innovations to the sport, accomplishment and impacts on fellow Racers & Fans at CCD.  Each year during the voting of the Yearly Annual Awards there is a section for "Hall of Fame" inductee's.

A nominee must get a minimum of 25% of the votes cast to be inducted.

Anyone getting less than 5% of the total votes will be removed for a minimum of 5 years

Click on a name to see their page


Ray Evans

Jim Falbe

Rosalee Noble


Ron Zinn


Larry Lyons

Ron Veach


Mike Spence


Mark Hopper

Jackie Protz


Bob Easton

Robby Easton


John Allen

Patty Lang


Deleene Newlin

Bob Paul


Bob Chaney


Walt Crabtree
(Updated 6/7/2012)

Sam English


Larry Cooper

Terry Luechtefeld
(Updated 1/13/2013)


Max Lang 
(Updated 2/29/2012)

Bill Protz



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