May 19 Submission

Old Guys RULE

The weekend started off with Mother Nature interrupting racing action, but that didn’t stop the Racers & Spectators from packing Coles County Dragway USA for the 5th Summit ET Points Race with “Old Guys” ruling the strip.  As S/Pro winner Bob Paul says “he might be old, but he aint dead” as the many time Track Champion Bob of Westfield, IL in his ‘82 S-10 took out Sam Zahnd of Champaign, IL in his ‘79 Cutlass.  Bob got the starting line advantage and never looked back as Sam ran dead on his “dial-in” but that wasn’t enough as Bob got his 1st win of the 2018 Season while Matt Chaney of Mattoon, IL in his ‘06 Worthy Dragster & “Dyno” Donnie Davis of Charleston, IL in his ‘70 Nova were the Semi-Finalist.  Keeping the theme rolling, in Pro it was another “Old Guy” taking out a “young guns” with Ralph Craig of Charleston, IL in his ‘76 Firebird taking the light, stripe and win as he dominated from the 1st round over Nick Harlin of Danville, IL in his ’01 Trans Am with Andy Romine of Tuscola, IL in his ‘89 S-10 continuing to stretch his Summit ET Pro points lead as the lone Semi-Finalist while Ralph’s win moved him into 2nd place.  In Sportsman Jesse Brant of Mattoon, IL in his ‘99 Camaro beat Kassie Edwards of Charleston, IL.  Jesse was on a roll, but this was Kassie’s 1st race of the season and it did take a few hits at the tree before she started to march through and looked to take home another win, but Jesse stop that with a stellar reaction time in the finals taking home the win while Jim Treat of Dietrich, IL in his “85 Mustang and Gene Horner of St. Joseph, IL in his 98 Saturn were the Semi-Finalist.  S/P Bike is starting to sound like a broken record with Brian Davis of Whiteheath, IL on his ’08 Suzuki taking home his 3rd consecutive win of the 2018 Season stretching his points lead over Runner-Up Ken Walker of Kansas, IL on his ‘77 Kawasaki.  Novice Street had “New Comer” Jim Flynn of Charleston, IL in his ’91 S-10 taking home the win over Seth Newhart of Mattoon, IL in his ‘05 F250.  Flynn loves Motorsports, but hadn’t even thought about Drag Racing until he and his wife Diana took over the CCD Snack Bar and the racing bug bit.  This was his 1st official event as he took home his 1st win.  In Jr. Dragsters it was a repeat final from the previous race as the Lee brothers of Kansas, IL battled it out again, but this time it was Blake “Chief” Lee taking home the win over little brother Kinzer Lee with Carson Donnel of Decatur, IL the lone Semi-Finalist.  The Ray Evans Consi winner was Carsyn Smith of Pesotum, IL over Jesse Fritts of Greenup, IL.

 Upcoming Info
Coles County Dragway USA
Where:  Charleston, IL

Schedule:    Friday gates open at 5 pm & time runs start at 6 pm
                   Saturday CLOSED
                    Sunday gates open at 9 am, RFC Service at 10 & time runs start at 11 am.

Fast Facts:  Friday is the Paap Printing Friday Fun Night where it’s always just $10 to race or watch.  Saturday we are closed and Sunday is Summit ET Points Race #6 so come on out and get your need for speed at CCD.  Featured Sunday will be JT Muffler Q330’, Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, Novice Street & Test-n-Tune.   Spectator Admission is $10 (13 & up) & Kids 12 & under Free.  For track information, call 217-345-7777 or visit their website at

Race Results Saturday (5/19):
Super Pro
W: Bob Paul, Westfield, IL ('82 S-10) 7.473 @ 89.27 mph(7.44 dial)
R/U: Sam Zahnd, Champaign, IL ('79 Cutlass) 7.551 @ 88.91 mph (7.55 dial)
Semi: Matt Chaney, Mattoon, IL (‘06 Worthy)
Semi: Donnie Davis, Charleston, IL (‘70 Nova)

W: Ralph Craig, Charleston, IL ('76 Firebird) 6.587 @ 102.27 mph (6.57 dial)
R/U: Nick Harlin, Danville, IL ('01 Trans Am) 8.525 @ 81.83 mph (8.54 dial)
Semi: Andy Romine, Tuscola, IL (‘89 S-10)

W: Jesse Brant, Mattoon, IL ('99 Camaro) 8.333 @ 85.52 mph (8.30 dial)
R/U: Kassie Wilson, Charleston, IL ('99 Camaro) 8.323 @ 81.20 mph (8.30 dial)
Semi: Gene Horner, St. Joseph, IL (‘98 Saturn)
Semi: Jim Treat, Dietrich, IL (‘85 Mustang)

S/P Bike
W: Brian Davis, Whiteheath, IL ('02 Suzuki) 5..752 @ 114.85 mph (5.69 dial)
R/U: Ken Walker, Kansas, IL ('77 Kawasaki) 6.224 @ 101.63 mph (6.20 dial)

Novice Street
W: Jim Flynn, Charleston, IL ('91 S-10) 10.176 @ 74.00 mph (9.87 dial)
R/U: Seth Newhart, Mattoon, IL  ('05 F250) 9.000 @ 74.03 mph (9.10 dial)

Jr. Dragster
W: Blake Lee, Kansas, IL ('07 Motivational) 7.911 @ 76.25 mph (7.98 dial)
R/U: Kinzer Lee, Kansas, IL ('01 Bos) 9.026 @ 71.88 mph(9.01 dial) Red Light
Semi: Carson Donnel, Decatur, IL (01 Motivational)

Ray Evans Consi
W: Carsyn Smith, Pesotum, IL ('06 Gage) 9.621 @ 66.84 mph (9.53 dial)
R/U: Jesse Fritts, Greenup, IL ('16 American) 7.922 @ 81.34 mph (7.94 dial)

Points as of 22 May:

1st – John Smiley, Westfield, IL. 39 pts
2nd – Eric Willenborg, Dietrich IL. 35 pts  
3rd  Tie Bob Paul, Westfield, IL 31 pts
3rd Tie– Denny Katz, Mattoon IL. 31 pts
5th – Alec Smith, Humboldt, IL. 28 pts

1st   Andy Romine, Tuscola, IL. 44 pts
2nd Tie Ralph Craig, Charleston, IL 36 pts
2nd Tie Sara Cassady, Mattoon, IL.  36 pts
Max Lang, Charleston, IL. 33 
5th – Chad Isley, Charleston, IL. 30 pts  


1st  Gene Horner, St. Joseph, IL. 41 pts  
Sara Cassady, Mattoon, IL. 40 pts
3rd – Jim Treat, Dietrich, IL. 35 pts    
4th  – Nick Harlin, Danville, IL. 29 pts
5th  – Katrina Shain, Sullivan, IL. 27 pts

1st  – Kinzer Lee, Kansas, IL. 29 pts
2nd Tie Blake Lee, Kansas, IL. 27 pts
2nd  Tie– Jesse Fritts, Greenup, IL. 27 pts  
4th – Jace Willenborg, Teutopolis, IL. 26 pts
5th – Carson Donnel Meah Scales, IL. 25 pts

(posted 5/22/2018)

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